Last Queen attraction….

Really amazing mail received today 26-09-2022 from Claire about Last Queen attraction:

“Hey there,

Firstly, thank you so much for my lovely dresses, I love them all and they make me feel awesome. Totally my vibe and do feel like a boho queen in them. Second, I HAD to share this photo with you. It is a note left on my car windscreen when I went shopping today and it PROVES amazing things happen when you buy dresses from Zlatushka…….

I had to photograph it and send it to you, because the dress she is talking about is one of yours, the orange one by Last Queen. I am so happy, and it just goes to show, but so wanted to share the note with you, as I was just out doing regular shopping, nothing glam, not at an award ceremony or on a red carpet, and look at the effect – thank you so much – your clothes make me feel so beautiful, and clearly, it shows!

Kind Regards


Car note reaction on Last Queen dress

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